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Are you seeking innovative investment solutions? Vadantia where we transform investor challenges into opportunities.

Alternative Investment

Our innovative approach is built on a foundation of
trading psychology, strong risk management and capital preservation. We believe these foundations
are the key to us producing steady growth
Vadantia is an investment strategy distributed by an investment advisor based in Switzerland.

Our Offering:

Discretionary Multi-strategy: Dive into the dynamic world of currency and precious metal markets.

Unique Strategy: Proprietary framework of pattern recognition models with additional statistical AI analysis.

Regulated Framework: Rest assured, as all our operations are meticulously regulated by Swiss law.

Our Esteemed Clients: We proudly serve Funds, Family Offices, HNW, and Professional Clients

About us

Vadantia is a regulated strategy

In today's dynamic financial landscape, savvy investors are on the hunt for unconventional strategies that not only amplify returns but also diversify their investment portfolios.

Enter Vadantia: With a rich legacy of over 14 years in the industry, we've channelled our unparalleled expertise to craft solutions that consistently deliver the outcomes our clients aspire for. At the heart of our ethos lies an unwavering commitment to capital/growth preservation, paving the way for sustained growth.

What sets us apart? Our groundbreaking approach over the past 7 years, where we harness the power of advanced AI modelling to visually decode market patterns. This innovative strategy, combined with our deep understanding of trading psychology and robust risk management, has been the cornerstone of our success story.

Asset Manager


Simon Cotterill stands as a distinguished regulated trader, pivotal co-founder of Vadantia, and the visionary behind the Vadantia Currency Multi-Strategy. His profound journey in the financial markets spans over 14 years, marked by meticulous research, analysis, and seasoned trading.

Shifting from leading a successful business, Simon ventured into the realm of currency trading, introducing a trailblazing approach underpinned by the nuances of trading psychology. His methodology harmoniously weaves together psychological tenets with structured planning, emphasizing discipline, strategic routine, unwavering focus, and exemplary patience. This unique amalgamation has been instrumental in ensuring a trajectory of consistent growth.

At present, Simon spearheads the Vadantia strategy, while also offering invaluable research and market insights to an esteemed clientele.

Another accomplishment to his repertoire, Simon has authored the 'Traders Mind Journal' & 'Performance Mind Journal'. His insights also grace the pages of premier financial publications, reflecting his depth of knowledge in investment and trading.

About the strategy

Understanding the markets to produce steady growth


At Vadantia we believe that the market is structured and has symmetry, with repeatable price movements and patterns

Vadantia's discretionary currency multi-strategy concentrates on currency pairs and precious metals.

We pride ourselves on a distinctive approach to market analysis. By seamlessly blending human insight with advanced statistical AI modelling, we've pioneered a method for visually mapping the markets. This synergy of human intuition and cutting-edge technology deepens our comprehension, enabling us to pinpoint actionable trades with greater precision.

Combining AI-powered analysis, deep trading psychology expertise, and the nuance of human judgment, Vadantia's strategy stands as a beacon of success.

Our strong belief in visually observing the markets, with a top-down analysis supported by our statistical modelling to reduce large disturbances. This helps us improve our trading accuracy and visual skills, this approach is then embedded with our trading psychological process


Trading Psychology 

A foundation in mindset

Under the guidance of Simon Cotterill, author of the 'Traders Mind Journal', we recognize that the essence of trading success lies deeply rooted in psychology and mindset. Every day, we are committed to refining our mental approach to trading. Our strategy is sculpted around pillars of discipline, routine, motivation, focus, and mastery. We emphasize qualities like composure, resilience, mental energy, and patience. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we are always in a mode of learning and aiming for unparalleled mastery.


Risk Management

Our trade management is second to none

Key Areas

Capital Preservation


Controlled Drawdown


Steady Growth Accumulation


Drawing from best-in-class risk management practices, our Risk Model is meticulously designed to navigate market uncertainties and maintain a firm grip on potential challenges. Central to our trading blueprint is an integrated risk and capital management framework, ensuring every decision is anchored in prudence.

In terms of trade execution, we employ a robust Stop Loss and Take Profit strategy for every transaction. These thresholds are not just arbitrary numbers; they are determined based on in-depth trading analysis and set within defined risk parameters. Yet, we ensure there's room for tactical flexibility, adjusting to real-time price movements and our overarching model.

At the heart of Vadantia's enduring success is our unwavering commitment to capital preservation and sustainable growth.


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